Trans Co’ Ltd offers a number of services connected with goods transportation by railway: transport-expeditionary service dealing with railway transportation throughout Russia, the UIS, and other foreign countries:
  1. Choosing the most convenient transportation scheme;
  2. Defrayment of expenses on the railways of Russia, the UIS, the Baltic region, Europe, China, Mongolia, Iran;
  3. Control over the goods traffic throughout transportation;
  4. Goods insurance;
  5. Railway transportation planning:
  1. Information accompaniment:
  • Consulting on questions connected with the process of transportation and official registration of the appropriate documentation;
  • Giving information about tariffs and transportation conditions throughout the UIS and foreign countries;

We will examine and solve all arguable points with the transporter while transportation, we will also inform you about the changes in the working or recently implemented laws dealing with railway transportation in Russia and abroad.

  1. Choosing the most convenient transportation scheme

We will work out for you an advantageous route, recommend you the most convenient rolling-stock, control coordinated orders GY-12 for goods transportation in the chosen carriages. We work with all kinds of carriages from the inventory park belonging to ‘The Russian Railways’ Plc (OAO ‘RZD’) including refrigerator rolling-stock.

  1. Defrayment of expenses on the railways of Russia, the UIS, the Baltic region, Europe, China, Mongolia, Iran.
Our defrayment of railway tariffs, including transit republics, will bring extra profit to your enterprise. We offer competitive rates. Send us your enquiry about tariffs and you will make sure of it!
Our responsibilities:
  • Assistance in concordance of the registered planned order GY-12 not taking into account how many days before the transportation it was made;

  • control over timely provision with the needed quantity of vacant carriages according to schedule of provision fixed in transportation orders;
  • presenting our bill to the TechPD of the Gorkovskiy railway to defray your transportation expenses;

  • giving timely information about all financial operations connected with your order;

  • control whether there is enough money on your account to defray transportation expenses.

Your advantages:

  • smooth functioning while loading according to the schedule;

  • punctual carrying out your responsibilities before the recipient;
  • there is no need for urgent organization of alternative ways of goods delivery yo the recipient;

  • getting information about availability of money on your account to defray transportation expenses on line.

To take advantage of working with ‘Trans Co’ Ltd you need to do the following:

  • to make an order;

  • to sign a contract with us;

  • to make a preliminary payment according to the bill;

  • to provide the forwarder with the information and documents needed for the transportation.

to make any inquires get in touch with us through the telephone (831) 248-62-97 or write a letter

  1. Control over the goods traffic throughout transportation

We will provide you with reliable efficient information about the location of your goods and the operations with them as frequently as you need it. We will control the transportation through all boarders.

  1. Goods insurance

We render the service of insurance while transportation. Paying of the insurance sum is guaranteed in the insurance case.

  1. Railway transportation planning

Registration and control over correspondence of orders GY-12 in the automatic system ETRAN

We will settle the following questions:

    • registration the order according to the rules of goods transportation;

    • making an efficient order directly to DTsFTO not addressing the station;

    • preliminary coordination of urgent orders with the station-master;

    • control over the state of the order and its concordance;
    • making any changes in the coordinated order.

Your advantages:

  • you get a ready coordinated order GY-12 which you have to take to the goods office in the course of 5 days;
  • looking for the best decisions in transportation planning at the enterprise ;

  • saving time on registration and documents delivery, plans coordination;

  • reducing contacts with the station.

To register your order GY-12 in the automatic system ETRAN belonging to OAO‘RZD’ you need to do the following:

7. Control over fulfillment of planned transportation orders

We can be your representatives while setting questions if we pay for the transportation. We work with different kinds of rolling-stock, including refrigerator stock.

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